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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Wandal is located in the Central Queensland city of Rockhampton, a city of approximately 70,000 people. It is one of eight Catholic Primary Schools serving the Rockhampton Regional Area, comprising Rockhampton, Gracemere and the Capricorn Coast. St Joseph’s School is situated in Wandal; a well established suburb providing a safe and secure living environment with a high level of accessibility to services, education and health facilities.

St Joseph’s School Wandal is a co-educational school operated by the Diocese of Rockhampton and administered by the Diocesan Catholic Education Office. The majority of our students continue their secondary education at The Cathedral College, a diocesan secondary school situated on the southside of Rockhampton.

The significance of parents being involved in student learning is acknowledged and encouraged with parents welcomed into the school and classrooms to assist and support in a variety of activities. Two official parent bodies exist within the organisational framework of the school. The St Joseph’s Wandal School Board is a pastoral board functioning under a Shared Wisdom Model whilst the Parents and Friends Association provides the organisational structure to assist with the necessary participation of parents in the life of the school.

The St Joseph’s Wandal staff is very committed to providing the best possible learning environment for the students. To provide a positive learning environment all staff members generously share their gifts with the community. A range of academic, cultural and sporting skills are readily shared. Each student and their family bring with them a deep knowledge and rich culture to the learning environment that is St Joseph's Wandal. Opportunities are provided for the sharing and incorporation of this lived experience to inform
and enrich our learning environment.

2023 School-wide Goals

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  1. By the end of 2023, students will be able to describe Catholic Social Teachings, and identify ways these have been explored in their class.s.

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By the end of 2023, students will be able to identify all six learner dispositions and identify strategies to support the development of these strategies.


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