St Joseph's Wandal Staff
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The staff of St Joseph's Wandal Catholic Primary School recognises the school's vision is; 'St Joseph’s Wandal strives through loving and serving, to be a Christ centred community committed to the total development and dignity of each person'. We work together to promote being a community, which is centred on the ideal of service through love. 

Leadership Team

Principal – Kellie Jenkinson

Assistant to the Principal (Religious Education)

– Rheanna Starr

Assistant to the Principal (Curriculum)

– Janette McLennan

Administration Team

Administration Secretary (Mon, Wed)

– Suzanne Fisher

Administration Secretary (Tues, Thurs, Fri)

– Rachel Ganter

Finance Officer – Kathy Fishburn

Class Teachers

Prep A –      Emma Moon

Prep B –      Emma Murphy

Year 1 A –   Lauren McDonald

Year 1 B –   Anna McKenzie

Year 2 W – Rose Wilson

Year 2 R –  Andrea Rutherford

Year 3 J –   Kristen Jones

Year 3 I –    Gregory Ivory

Year 4 E –   Melanie Egan

Year 4 B –  Annette Brightman

Year 5 M – Janette McLennan & Hayley Hutchinson

Year 5 H –  Kayla Haynes

Year 6 R –  Brittany Hinz

Year 6 S –  Rheanna Starr & Anne Lidster

Student Support

Learning Support Teacher – Christine Gawne

Learning Support Teacher – Hayley Hutchinson

Learning Support (In Class) – Carmel Byrne

Learning Support (In Class) – Julia Greene

Learning Support (In Class) – Phil Standen

 Library Co-ordinator  – Karen Westgarth 

Physical Education  Rebekah Hall

S.T.E.M. Specialist Teacher  Annette Rea 

The Arts  Jody Walker 

School Counsellor  Charmian Deed 

IT Support  Jason White 

Work Health & Safety – Hayley Hutchinson


Teacher Assistants

Teacher Assistant – Madonna Jorgensen

Teacher Assistant – Helen Kennedy 

Teacher Assistant – Kellie Cole 

Teacher Assistant – Katrina Sinclair 

Teacher Assistant – Frances Barry 

Teacher Assistant – Melinda Lau 

Teacher Assistant – Megan Tickner 

Teacher Assistant – Selina Pitt 

Teacher Assistant – Kathryn North 

Teacher Assistant – Gail Jamieson 

Teacher Assistant – Clinton Wagg

Indigenous Education Teacher Assistant 

Roslyn Priestley

Regional Indigenous Education Liaison Officer 

- Natalie Semple 

School Support

Facilities Officer – Stuart Douglas 

Tuckshop Convenor  Gail Brady 

Tuckshop Assistant – Elise Wadsworth

Cleaners - Ann De Marchi, Nicole Newton & Natty Moore


Parish Administrator - Fr Matthias Ogwo

Outside School Hours Care

Acting Co-ordinator  Maddy Reid and Anj Pickering

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