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St Joseph's School Wandal Technology
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Technology education provides opportunities for students to develop innovative and practical solutions that meet needs, utilise opportunities and extend human capabilities. It engages students in a range of real-life and life-like contexts where they apply their knowledge and understanding of materials, information, systems and technology processes to develop products and processes that meet identifiable human needs. Students develop the understanding and ability to apply technological fields. Access to these resources is regarded as a privilege and, as such, entails responsibility. At the commencement of the school year all students will be required to sign an ICT contract which clearly outlines their rights and responsibilities when using technology at St Joseph’s Wandal.

We have a 1:1 Chromebook Programme for students in Years Five and Six. This exciting programme allows your child to experience learning beyond the confines of the classroom. A Chromebook is a laptop of a ‘different breed’. These machines are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most applications and documents living in the cloud.

As 21st century learners, our students collaborate, communicate, think critically and create. Chromebooks allow us to develop these skills across all learning areas. Technology is integral to teaching and learning in contemporary classrooms. Our Chromebook programme allows us to prepare your children for not only future learning in High School (where a laptop programme is well established) but also for the learning they need to be experiencing now.

Additional advantages of this Chromebook project includes access to Overdrive at both home and school (online ebook library). Accessing this resource at home and school gives students access to thousands of appropriate books to borrow - many with enhanced features such as audio playback when reading.

Teachers manage devices through the Hapara Dashboard. This allows teachers to monitor and access student accounts in order to provide immediate feedback, and allows parents to be kept up to date with work samples. Hapara facilitates classroom organisation (allowing teachers to share materials with students at the click of a mouse), student visibility (allowing teachers to see how a student is going with a task and support as needed), and differentiation through providing materials at individualised levels (increasing confidentiality as other students will not be aware of individualised projects and scaffolding). Using a management system such as Hapara Dashboard allows our students to engage with an online environment in a supported manner.

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