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St Joseph's Wandal Traffic and Transport
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St Joseph's Wandal Bus Travel

Bus Travel

TRANSPORT TO AND FROM SCHOOL: Bus operators are responsible for all matters pertaining to bus travel and inquiries should be directed to them in the first instance. Children are expected to abide by the "Code of Conduct" issued by Queensland Transport when travelling on buses.

SCHOOL USE: St Joseph's Wandal frequently uses buses to transport students to various locations for excursions and sporting commitments. Children are expected to abide by the bus "Code of Conduct".


When dropping off and collecting children, vehicles should stop at the entrance point in Herbert Street only briefly in order to enable children time to safely alight /disembark. Children are instructed to wait inside the fence line until their car has stopped.

Please note that the area outside the entrance gate in Herbert Street is a designated two-minute only pick-up / drop-off zone. Students in Prep and Year One and their siblings are collected from the top car park (Meade Street).  All other students will assemble at the front of the school, Herbert Street two-minute pick-up unless being collected from classrooms by a parent.

Parents are most welcome to park in the top car park (Meade Street) and enter the school as this offers a safe and ‘less rushed’ alternative. Please use due caution when entering and exiting this car park, and take note of the parking signs.

St Joseph's Wandal Car Park
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