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St Joseph's School Wandal Fees and Levies
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It is an expectation that all families will contribute toward the payment of school fees. Federal and State governments acknowledge the right of parents to choose the school which best suits their child's need for educational, religious, cultural or other reasons. However, in comparison with funds spent on government schools, government funds committed to non-government schools remain limited. Your contribution through school fees is essential.

There are three components included in the cost of educating your child at a Catholic school:

  1. Tuition Fees - these are set by the Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton and apply to every Catholic School in the Rockhampton Diocese

  2. Diocesan Levies - these are levies set by the diocese to assist in funding capital and technology projects.

  3. School Based Levies - these are levies applied by the school to assist with the operational educational and running costs.

Payment of school fees and levies is compulsory, however, under particular circumstances a concession may be granted. Parents who find payment difficult and are seeking a concession are required to complete an Application for Fee Concession. This form, along with documentary evidence of family income and expenditure must be forwarded to the principal prior to discussion. Concessions are for a twelve month period and an application must be made each year.

Where a concession has not been sought and payment of fees is not made, the School Fee Collection Policy, in accordance with the Catholic Education Diocese of Rockhampton Guidelines, will be followed and the matter will be placed in the hands of our Debt Collection Agency.

Family discounts are available across all year levels from Prep to Year 12 in diocesan schools. Parents are requested to notify the school as to the number of children attending other Catholic Schools in the Diocese to assist us in allowing these discounts.

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