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The School uniform is a symbol of our community and is compulsory for all students from Prep to Year 6. Our students wear their uniform with pride, reflecting their pride in their school and the wider community. For this reason, the correct school uniform must be worn neatly at all times. Children not wearing the correct uniform are required to present a note to their teacher from their parents.


All articles of clothing should be clearly marked. All school uniforms, sports uniforms and hats can be purchased from Wearritto Clothing in Denham Street, Rockhampton.

Day Uniform (BOYS)

Unisex check shirt with badge on pocket Navy shorts

Day Unifrom (GIRLS)

Unisex check shirt with badge on pocket Navy skort

Sports Uniform (BOYS & GIRLS)

Gold, navy and white SJW polo shirt Navy sports shorts with yellow/white trim Black (plain) joggers The sports uniform is to be worn on designated weekly sport and PE days.

School Shoes

Plain black leather shoes or plain black joggers (no coloured soles or marks). No coloured stripes or logos permitted. No ‘suede’ type shoes allowed.

School Hat

Approved SJW Navy hat from Wearritto (Denham Street).

Hair and Grooming

Hair is to be neatly groomed, the student’s own natural colour and, if shoulder length or longer, tied back away from the face with a navy, yellow or white ribbon, scrunchie, elastic or rubber band. There are to be no extremes in style or cut. If doubt exists with a style of hair, parents should check with the Principal before having a style change.


Students are permitted to wear:

  • A wrist watch
  • A Christian symbol such as a crucifix or medal worn on a plain chain
  • One pair of small, plain studs - one in each lobe
  • A Signet Ring (to be removed when engaged in sport / physical activities)
  • Appropriate school badges
***Nail Polish, Makeup, Acrylic nails and other body piercings are NOT acceptable*** Fingernails should be trimmed to fingertip length.

Winter Uniform

Approved SJW embroidered jacket.
Children may wear plain navy tracksuit pants on cold days.
Girls may wear navy stocking under their skorts. Long sleeved shirts under uniform shirts are not permitted.

School Bag

SJW Bag with logo


Navy blue school socks (not anklet socks).

Prep Uniform

Navy blue SJW prep polo shirt
Navy shorts (boys) and skorts (girls)

House Colour Shirts

Plain coloured polo shirt in either red (Tenison), green (MacKillop) or blue (Penola) are to be worn at Cross Country and Athletics events.

Free Dress Days

On ‘free dress’ days, students must wear appropriate clothing that is modest and does not carry inappropriate images or messages. Sun safe practices must be followed and thongs are not permitted.

Second Hand Uniform Store

This service exists to serve the school community through the purchase and sale of secondhand items. Parents wishing to sell school uniforms (in good condition) should send them to the school office in a clearly marked plastic bag with their family name and a (reasonable price) attached. These will then be passed on to the secondhand stall once the details have been recorded. Information regarding the times and dates will be advertised in the school newsletter.

Wearable Technology

Our school already has guidelines in place around the use of devices such as phones, however this is a constantly changing environment. The school board met to discuss the school’s position on wearable technology (for example smart watches). A number of concerns were discussed, including issues stemming from privacy breaches, as well as the distraction they pose to students in the learning environment. Therefore, we have decided that wearable technology devices are not appropriate for students at St Joseph’s Wandal to wear. If students present at school wearing with these devices, they will be confiscated and returned home at the end of the school day.

We thank you for your cooperation. As always, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

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