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St Joseph's Wandal Sports Teams
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Students are allocated to a house team when enrolled at St Joseph's Wandal. Our school fosters team spirit and it promotes cooperative learning activities which are planned for specific events such as our annual sports day which is usually held towards the end of Term Two. These events engage our students in fun, friendly house competitions. The names of the houses represent the history of our school.

Our Houses

St Joseph's Wandal MacKillop


Named after Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop, the
co-founder of the Sisters of St Joseph.

Colour: Green

St Joseph's Wandal Tension


Named after Fr Julian Tenison Woods, the co-founder of the Josephite order.

Colour: Red

St Joseph's Wandal Penola


Named after the town in South Australia, which was the site of the first school opened by Mary MacKillop.

Colour: Blue

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