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St Joseph's School Wandal Student Wellbeing
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At St Joseph's Wandal, we are committed to equipping and empowering our students to be emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually resilient in preparation for the real world. Catholic Schools, assisted by Centacare, strive to work together with parents to implement personal development and relationships education within the Rockhampton Diocese. Class programmes include opportunities for students to develop:

  • enhanced self-image and self-esteem

  • enhanced relationships with family, peers, school and community

  • greater appreciation of human sexuality within a Catholic framework

  • an ability to make informed responsible decisions based on Christ's example

  • a deeper awareness of Christian values which underlie the development of the whole person.


We offer the following support services to all students;

St Joseph's School Wandal Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care pervades every facet of St Joseph's School curriculum and culture. Values such as care and concern for the individual, justice, dignity and respect are at the very heart of this policy and its procedures. The Pastoral Care policy:

  • acknowledges that all individuals have inherent rights and responsibilities

  • promotes the school's mission to respond to the developmental needs of each member of the school community

  • integrates the academic, social and religious dimensions of our curriculum so that an atmosphere of care pervades the whole culture of our school.

School Counsellor

St Joseph’s Wandal engages the services of a school counsellor. The role of the counsellor involves supporting the school leadership team and staff to meet the specific needs of students, particularly those who may be experiencing some social or emotional difficulties eg coping with loss, friendship or family issues. Whilst our school counsellor is not in a position to provide long-term support, they are able to provide assistance in the short-term and advise families of community based support should longer term advice be required.

Referral forms can be obtained from the school office or by contacting a member of the school’s leadership team.

St Joseph's School Wandal School Counsellor

Student Health

St Joseph's Wandal also implements the following Student Health policies in order to ensure the health and safety of all students;

Students who have minor accidents at school are sent to the administration office by the supervising teacher. Assistance is given to the child and their teacher informed. More serious accidents are immediately reported to the child's parent, class teacher and a member of the Leadership Team. 
Medical information forms are issued annually. It is important that the school has ‘up to date’ family contact details and appropriate medical information in the case of an emergency.

Dental services are available through the School Dental Services conducted by Queensland Health. Regular, free dental care for all primary school children can be obtained at the Mobile Clinic.

Students who are unwell should not attend school. Children with infectious diseases must be excluded for specified times and parents are asked to inform the school immediately. Click here to view the Recommended Exclusion Periods, produced by the Queensland Department of Health. 

No medical treatment is permitted in the school except First Aid. This is an immediate, temporary measure given in case of an accident. For injuries, other than those considered "minor" such as grazes and small cuts, every attempt will be made to contact parents. 
Please ensure that your telephone number, address and emergency contact details are kept "up to date" through 'parent lounge' or at the office.

Headlice management is a complex issue. Head lice do not pose any serious health risks but they can be difficult to manage. Early detection helps break the head lice cycle and enables effective management to start as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of parents to detect and treat headlice. Should a staff member discover that a child has headlice, the parents will be notified immediately. As this is a highly contagious condition, parents will be asked to take the child from school in order to treat their hair / scalp.

Once treated, the child is welcome to return to class. It is imperative that the whole community is well informed and proactive in regard to minimizing the risk. Should the school be aware of "headlice" problems, notes will be sent home to the school/class community.

Diocesan and school policy states that teachers are not permitted to administer medication to students. All medication must be stored in the administration office and administered from the office by the administration staff.

No medication will be administered to a student unless their parent has completed a Medication Permission Form and provided a copy to the administration office. These forms are available from the office, via the school’s App or the Forms & Policies page.

While it is preferable that students take prescribed medication at home, we do acknowledge that this is not always possible. Please note, however, that while staff will make every attempt to administer medication at the prescribed time, various situations may prevent this from occurring. If it is necessary for your child to take medication during schools hours the following guidelines will apply:

  • Medication Permission Form has been completed accurately.

  • The medication has been given to the administration office staff for storage.

  • The medication must be in its original container from the pharmacist / practitioner.

  • The container must display the pharmacist’s label showing:

    • the name of the drug

    • the ‘use by date’

    • the name of the student’s medical practitioner

    • the name of the student

    • the dosage and frequency of administration


Schools are not permitted to stock or administer ’over the counter’ medications such as Panadol unless they conform to the guidelines outlined above. Unless otherwise arranged with a student’s parent, asthma sprays and epi pens are to be stored at the office.


Forms & Policies

Behaviour Support Guidelines





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