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St Joseph's School Wandal Parental Involvement
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The attitude of the Church towards parent involvement in education is quite clear: "Parents are the first and the foremost educators of their children." Parents therefore are invited and encouraged to participate in the life of our school. Opportunities for involvement include;

  • Assisting in our school library by shelving, cataloguing and covering books

  • Assisting in classes supporting children

  • Volunteering to assist on the Tuckshop roster or in the second hand uniform shop

  • Attending P & F meetings

  • Coaching sporting teams and assisting with cultural activities and performances

  • Serving as a member of the School Board

  • Attending working bees

  • Supporting various social functions and fund raising activities held throughout the year

  • Volunteering your special gifts, talents or expertise

Parents can also demonstrate their support of the school and your child's education by:

  • displaying commitment to the school's Mission Statement and to the ethos of the school

  • making time to regularly communicate important information concerning your child

  • being active in support of the P&F Association's fundraising activities and school functions

  • being informed of what is happening in our school, especially by reading newsletters etc

  • participating in school / class gatherings and information sessions

  • welcoming new community members

  • encouraging your children to participate fully in the life of the school

  • communicating well and respectfully with school staff, students and parents

St Joseph's School Wandal Parent Information

Parent Information Evenings

Early in Term One, each year level will conduct a parent information evening to:

  • familiarise parents with the curriculum for that year level and discuss classroom expectations regarding homework, behaviour etc

  • establish an initial contact between parents and teacher

  • allow members of the administration team time to inform parents of issues relating to the school

Throughout the year other evenings may be arranged (as needs arise or upon parental request) relating to specific curriculum areas. These may be conducted by staff members or guest speakers.


A positive, co-operative and proactive partnership between parent and teacher is vital. Teachers wish to work in co-operation with parents in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to meet with the classroom teacher regularly to build relationships, to discuss their child's progress and to celebrate their child's achievements. Parents are able to organize a parent/teacher meeting at any time throughout the year although it is important to make an appointment in order for the teacher to gather the appropriate assessment data.

Formal parent/teacher interviews are conducted twice per year via an online booking system.

St Joseph's School Wandal Parent and Teacher Communication
St Joseph's School Wandal Newsletter and Communication

Newsletter and Communication Options

A newsletter is prepared each Wednesday and is distributed via the School App and website. As the newsletter is the primary means of communication for the principal, leadership team, staff, Board and P&F, parents are urged to read it very carefully and to note important dates etc. as a means of keeping ‘up to date’ with school life. 

School App

St Joseph’s Wandal has developed an App for school to parent communication. This App will work through both smart phones and smart devices (iPads and Android Tablets). 

St Joseph's School Wandal School App
St Joseph's School Wandal App



  1. Click on the ‘Play Store’ button on your Android Device

  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top and type ‘St Joseph’s Primary School Wandal’

  3. Click on the school name when it appears in the search (this may take some scrolling)

  4. Click the ‘Install’ button

  5. Click ‘Accept’ for the various permissions

  6. Click ‘Open’ when installed

  7. Click the ‘More’ button on the right of the App, then ‘Setup’

  8. Toggle on the Push Categories that are applicable to you

St Joseph's School Wandal App



  1. Click the ‘App Store’ icon on your Apple device

  2. Type ‘St Joseph’s Primary School Wandal’ in the search

  3. Click on the school name when it appears in the search (this may take some scrolling)

  4. If using an iPad, change the drop list to ‘iPhone Apps’, click ‘free’ then when located, click ‘install’

  5. When installed click ‘open’

  6. Select ‘OK’ to receive push notifications when asked

  7. Click the ‘More’ button on the bottom right of the App, then ‘Setup’

  8. Toggle on the Push Categories that are applicable to you

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